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Advances in digital technology revolutionize electronic equipment by the dozens with nothing less pronounced as the ultrasound diagnostic machines. Once these behemoths weighing in like sumo wrestlers rule the clinic and hospital floors are gradually replaced by trim down versions requiring less and less effort to move around. Castors previously designed to shift them to and fro now seem relatively dated and oversized. Realizing this, Catis spare no time to put new designs on the drawing board; sketches upon sketches, the HT was born.

In essential, the HT is a descendent of twin-wheel series of TT castor which has stopped the world with its Trident Total Lock System and highly preferred on various mobile medical units. Remains unmatched in its reliability, this locking mechanism is faithfully passed on to HT.

Standing alone, HT is easily mistaken as its forebear. However, when stood side by side of each other, their overall size is obvious. Although HT is less massive, there is no compromise as far as its performance and property is concerned. Plainly speaking, it is a light weight, elegant tractor that fits the bill.

Other than cosmetic variations, additional engineering twist allows HT to out perform its predecessor

Foremost is the braking element. While locking mechanism is basically identical to TT, the components are redesigned to function at a lighter application force. A gentle tap is all it takes to activate the system; ON/OFF, each completed with a pleasant thud.

Castors of yesterdays are often complained about marring up shoe tips and the annoyance of having wire trapped between stiff pedals.

With HT, these are history. The lock pedals (ON/OFF) are surgically re-designed to keep wires and cables away at brake application, meanwhile allowing ample room to accommodate the tapping shoe.

With the new design, Free Swivel castor is unmistakably set apart from its siblings with locking functions.

Suffice it to say, available with a range of mounting fitting, locking options and tread properties, all one needs is a choice of color, as stock it is either grey or white (color customization available pending on quantity order).

With all these merits in situ, one may easily jump to conclusion that this new breed must cost dearly. Wait... It is more affordable than ever. Contact us to find out at service@catis.com.tw

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