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Facing economic crunch worldwide, many manufacturers resort to price cut to stay afloat. This practice, however often ended with corners cut, and quality compromised. Quite the opposite, Catis takes a different course. One after another, old faithful castors are screened for face-lift and up-grading.

Evolution is no longer a privilege term exclusive to the biological world, and neither is a theory in Catis where new products do evolved from their older counterparts. In a strict sense, Catis NPT castor is bred from the classic Polytech Castor which under all circumstances has served the world faithfully for more than a decade. Following the company’s guiding principle, “Looking for Better Solutions”, NPT up its ante with a slim down body accompanied by a smacking new lock design. Employing new plastic technology, NPT retains its rigidity and shed almost 30% weight from its predecessor. While the shell is remolded to be more flashy and compact, its ergonomic facilitates user with handling ease during installation.

Yet the beauty of NPT is not shell deep. Putting motion to a halt, the wheel is pressured to a standstill by one toothless stainless steel plate. It is molded to bifurcate in the middle and to the curvature of the wheel, inducing maximum friction with no contact to the tread center at the same time.

Boldly said, no flat spot, no brake burn and long live the wheel! While being more stable, using metal instead of plastic brake mechanism reduces noise significantly. Now, to actuate this stopping power, is a pair of brake pedals (ON/OFF). On release, the 2 pads rest in tandem forming an almost seamless surface accentuating its clean profile.

All it takes is slight pressure to freeze the wheel and a single tab to free it. No kicking or pounding on the pedals for stop and go, and no shoe caught by the undercarriage.

Last but not least, the brake pads are designed and shaped to move dangling objects away from the binders. Common complaint with wire, catheter tubing and cable strangled by brake pedals becomes a non-issue.

Certainly, no renovation worth a dime if few could afford it. To this, Catis has bent over backwards to make sure the new NPT castor is widely affordable

When it comes to plastic castor, NPT is a breed apart. Call us and personally experience how wonderful it works at service@catis.com.tw

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